Rookie Me is an innovative online tool, that helps you determine & manage your athletic ability to reach your potential.

Welcome to Rookie Me, where athletes have the opportunity to access the world's largest online sporting social network. Rookie Me is an online tool that develops the individual’s sporting ability, whilst creating an opportunity to launch a successful career via this online platform.


Our vision is to create sporting opportunities by connecting athletes (Rookie Me members) worldwide and aide them in achieving success in their chosen sporting code.

Rookie Me will provide young sporting talent and enthusiasts with an online service, to help educate on how to expose and compare themselves, in an equal and fair system without discrimination.


This online service allows participants to evaluate what is required for the individual to be realistic about pursuing their athletic dreams/goals. It helps push the athlete, to recognise and achieve maximum potential and success in their chosen sporting code (or perhaps, even in another).

Members that choose to challenge themselves and utilise the site's features, such as the Compare Me function with sporting peers who are of a higher rank, will benefit the most.

Rookie Me aims to connect athletes on their database to the extended sporting community, this includes player recruiters/scouts, player managers/agents, sponsors, clubs, media outlets and enthusiasts. Rookie Me is designed to be a useful tool for dedicated athletes, that want to set and reach targets and gain positive exposure.

By joining the Rookie Me network you are then able to access sporting news, compare yourself against your current competition, interact and socialise with fellow members, create sporting opportunities, receive guidance and insights to progress in your chosen sport.

Be Recognised

Rookie Me’s motivation and fundamental task is to recognise talent.

Be Recognised is a universal message and the official Rookie Me slogan. These two words are tough and assertive. Rookie Me is telling its members, that they are important and need to stand out for their growth and talent. These words symbolise the desire to be counted in a competitive environment.

Rookie Me aims to not allow talented athletes to go to waste. Our athlete members want to exceed their sporting expectations and BE RECOGNISED.

The Company

Rookie Me started out as a concept by businessman and sporting enthusiast, Adham Dimachki (Founder), in June 2012, in Melbourne, Australia.

This concept was then refined and co-developed with web development specialists in November 2012. They set out to construct an online sporting network for up and coming talented athletes. Over two years in the making, the site (V3.0) was officially launched 29 September 2014.

Together these two entrepreneurs are driving the most innovative and modern online sporting social network, by restructuring how the sports industry is currently functioning by adding an online angle.

The business model is based on revenue deriving from member subscriptions, advertising sales, sponsorship and talent solutions.

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