What is Test Metric Verification?

Test Metric Verification is our way of ensuring that the data input by Rookie Me athletes, is accurate and valid.

Rookie Me athletes are able to measure and record their test metric results, once obtained, against other athletes’ test metric results. Sophisticated system logic, helps us manage and maintain a level of data integrity, that athletes will not find with most other user-generated-content sites.

As part of our ethos and drive to discover talent (i.e. Be Recognised), users are encouraged to contact Rookie Me and verify their results, in order to stand out and obtain more acknowledgement for their achievements.

Depending on your Ability Score, you may even have the opportunity to be invited to verify your test metric results.

Regardless of what your chosen sport is... Rookie Me have the right partners in place - to assist, measure and validate your test metric results. Verified scores may take up to 48 hours to be processed and uploaded into the system.

A word of warning - Be sure to only ever input accurate and valid test metric results. Failure to do this does come with its consequences. Be sure to read our Terms & Conditions regarding this.

What is Verified Mode?

Verified Mode is a unique Rookie Me feature, that allows the athlete to display that their results have been verified on their player profile.

The first required step to be recognised – is to activate the Verified Mode by entering verified data into your Player Profile.

Verified Mode creates the opportunity for athletes to further compare their test metric results against other Rookie Me athletes’ verified results, in a controlled and standardised environment (by an accredited Rookie Me Verification Body only).

This feature provides (renders) all visible scores & results throughout the system to display the athlete's verified results only. Verified Mode can be switched on and off by Rookie Me athletes.

Don't wait to be invited! Rookie Me encourages all athletes to be active in finding an accredited Rookie Me Verification Body. The athlete should do so, when ready to perform the test metrics at the best of their ability.

What is a Rookie Me Verification Body?

A Rookie Me Verification Body is a group or organisation, that has been selected and accredited by Rookie Me – to test and validate the system's test metric results.

Depending on what is required from the athlete's chosen sport and subscription, the athlete may either seek test metric verification or be invited/required to attend a verification session. The aim of this process is to recognise talent and establish the athlete’s Verified Ability.

All Verification Bodies accredited by Rookie Me are professional sporting organisations located throughout Australia. These bodies are equipped with the necessary resources and permission to accurately test and verify test metric information.

Should you have any further questions regarding Metric Verification and our testing procedures, please do not hesitate to contact us.